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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Handsome boi.

Ice creamy boi

Kimono boi with water

Lovely sweet boi with staff.

Cute boi

Love the boi!


Triangles are sexy as fuck! My husbando is a triangle and is sooo bad ;) I'm his bich and we fuk 837 times everdai! XD Fucking triangles...



:iconseraphicwaterdragon: is my new account. I won't deactivate this account but don't talk to me on this one.
Name: Prince Cornelious Tana Tofi. ( Tana is his aunt's name )
Age: 17 yrs old.
Ht: 6"1 Wt: 45kg
Species: Butterscotch toffee.
Nationality: Tofiere.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Gender: Male
Mental status: BPD and PTSD. He has a very abusive mother who treated him very badly.
Voice: Same as Mikleo ( english dub )
Backstory: Prince Corny's mother didn't want her first child to be male but a female so she had to make do with her son. She forced him to crossdress into a woman, put traditional female roles on him and made threats to him. He developed BPD at the age of 5 and when his mother threatened to leave him on his own he would cry hysterically for her not to leave. When he gets angry he is considered violent and put into the 'mad room' where he is left in an isolated soundproof room for 3 days with no food and water. When he would attempt suicide his mother would beat him repeatedly with a stick. One day at the age of 16 a group of thugs captured him and even though he was held captive he admitted the thugs were more kind to him than his own mother. He was then saved by Pit Melon a watermelon fooman. Pit is a knight who lives in a little house near the malt lake. He lives with his sisters Melony ( looks very similiar to Edna from ToZ ) and his older sister Piper. He brings the young Prince to his home which they all assumed was a female. Pit teaches Corny how to love himself not what his mother wants. He also helps the Prince to cope with his severe emotional swings by giving him his own space and just there to lend an ear. The two boys eventually fall in love and have a meaningful close relationship. He is currently 17 now.
Good traits: Good at cooking, excellent sword fighter, good at fixing or mending clothes and very good with fixing weapons. He despite the shit he is went through wants to get better and be a good citizen rather than be bitter and angry towards the world regardless of his mental condition, he wants to help people and be a good fooman. He is a sweet and funnily sarcastic guy, who teases his boyfriend pit in a comedic way to show one of his many forms of affection towards him. He trusted and grew a liking for Piper and Melony despite growing up with abusive women saw their kindness and grew to love them as his sisters.
Flaws: His severe mood swings can be very destructive and cause distress to the family around him, he would then feel so guilty he would isolate himself for days without eating or drinking worrying his new family. Has low self esteem and has stated in the past his homosexuality came from his mind adapting to being a woman. He would sometimes put himself into life threatening situations worrying the hell out of Pit. Has bad sleeping problems due to having very bad nightmares about his mother.
Triggers: Exclusive female objects eg bras, dresses and high heels ( it reminds him of his mother ), being in closed isolated places on his own or with someone ( reminds him of the 'mad house' ) and walking sticks ( the object his mother would beat him with ).

Please critique my character ^^
Tofi's annoncement
He's gay ok? He's very uncomfortable about women except his bf's sisters Melony and Piper. His discomfort around women has come from his childhood trauma. Please don't ship him with women.
:iconseraphicwaterdragon: is my new account. I won't deactivate this account but don't talk to me on this one.


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Lou Lou
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello I am a 20 yr old woman who likes memes aesthetic anime video games american cartoons shipping and music. I hate lolicon shotacon ddlg mdlb ddlb mdlg cgl incest. I am also a MAP hater. I love Wolfram von Bielefeld and Daft Punk!

I also created the series Rainbow Gum, my main ocs I will all make.


Prices for my art!
Monochrome head and shoulders piece 5 points
Monochrome body with background 10 points
Colour head and shoulders 6 points
Colour body with background 15 points
Plants, animals or objects 6 points each 7 with colour


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